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Now There's Room On Your Desk and In Your Budget
- For A 3D Printer

With the uPrint SE and uPrint SE Plus 3D Printers from Dimension, you've got more flexibility than ever for making 3D models for visualization, collaboration, and functional testing.

We've made uPrint SE compact enough to fit on your desktop; simple enough for no-hassle setup and operation; and — best of all — affordable enough for most users, no matter your profession or office size.

Print Immediately And Continuously

No more long waits in the queue of a central 3D printer, or for models to arrive from an outside service bureau. uPrint SE lets you print whatever you want, whenever you want, as any times as you want. Through every design iteration, uPrint SE brings your ideas into the real world with an ease that will accelerate your work.

And these aren't fragile lab beauties, either; uPrint SE's ABSplus plastic is stronger than other materials typically used to make 3D models. ABSplus models are made to stand up to functional testing under real-world conditions, and can be drilled, machined, sanded, painted, even chrome-plated.

uPrint SE ABSplus™ models are perfect for proof of concept, functional testing, product mock-ups and even making jigs, fixtures and vacuum forming molds.

The uPrint SE is available in 2 versions:

uPrint SE
Prints Ivory colour ABS plastic models
Layer thickness of 0.254mm
Build volume 203 x 152 x 152 mm
uPrint SE Plus
Prints ABS plastic models in 9 colours
Layer thickness of 0.254 and 0.330 mm
Build volume 203 x 203 x 152 mm

uPrint SE and uPrint SE Plus product specification

3D Print Packs - One Low Price Gives You Everything You Need

The uPrint SE and uPrint SE Plus 3D print packs include everything you need to start making 3D models. The packs include the 3D printer with one material bay, the Wave Wash support removal system, CatalystEX software, modeling bases, ABSplus™ model material, soluble support material, Ecoworks and a start-up kit with cables, parts and tools.

With a footprint of just 635 x 660 mm (25 x 26 in), uPrint SE puts 3D printing right on your desk.



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