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Our range of 3D printers

3D printing has never been more affordable. Priced from just £6,300, our 3D printers can pay for themselves faster than you think.

Our product line features seven professional quality printers - the all new Mojo, the mid sized uPrint SE available in mono and colour, the fine detailed Dimension Elite, the large Dimension 1200es available in 2 variants the BST (Breakaway Support Technology) and SST (Soluble Support Technology) and the Forus 250mc Production System.. All systems produce high quality ABS parts that allow the designer to test for form, fit and function. All systems operate in an office environment and are very easy to install and operate.They also include powerful yet easy to use 3D printing software, simply click "print" and your design is sent to the printer. From this point on the printer takes over creating your professional quality 3D model in ABS plastic.

Mojo   Dimension 1200es 3D Printer


Affordable desktop 3D printing that's small in size but big on performance



uPrint SE & uPrint SE Plus

Medium sized networked printers with a choice of mono or colour


Dimension Elite 3D Printer   Dimension 1200es 3D Printer

Dimension Elite

Mid sized build volume and even finer feature detail with the Elite 3D printer



Dimension 1200es

Large build volume and available with Breakaway or soluble support systems





Mojo 3D Printer

uPrint SE
uPrint SE Plus

Dimension Elite

Dimension 1200es

Fortus 250mc

Dimension BST

Dimension SST

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