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Fortus 250mc Production System Specifications

Build Envelope (XYZ) 10 x 10 x 12 inches (254 x 254 x 305 mm)
Material Delivery One (1) Build material cartridge: 56.3 in3 (923 cc)
One (1) Support material cartridge: 56.3 in3 (923 cc)
Layer Thickness: ABSplus-P430
  0.013 inch (0.330 mm)
  0.010 inch (0.254 mm)
  0.007 inch (0.178 mm)
Support Structure: Soluble
Available Colors: Ivory, Red, Fluorescent Yellow, White, Blue, Black, Olive Green, Dark Grey, Nectarine, Custom Colors
System Size/Weight 33 x 29 x 45 inches (838 x 737 x 1143 mm)
With crate: 409 lbs. (186 kg)
Without crate: 326 lbs. (148 kg)
Achievable Accuracy Parts are produced within an accuracy of ± .0095 inch (± .241 mm)*
*Note: Accuracy is geometry dependent. Achievable accuracy specification derived from statistical data at 95% dimensional yield
Network Communication 10/100 base T connection
Ethernet protocol Operator Attendance Limited attendance for job start and stop required
Operating Environment Maximum room temperature of 86°F (30°C)
Relative humidity range: 30 to 70 percent, non condensing
Power Requirements 110–120 VAC, 60 Hz, minimum 15A dedicated circuit; or 220–240 VAC 50/60 Hz, minimum 7A dedicated circuit
Regulatory Compliance CE / ETL
Software All Fortus systems include Insight™ and Control Center™ job processing and management software




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