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Affordable 3D printing

3D printing is no longer a technology purely for the financially privileged with systems producing professional quality models from around £10,000

Although this still represents a significant capital investment for many it’s not infeasible to see that a 3D printer of this cost can potentially generate savings that would cover the cost of the initial purchase in a reasonable amount of time.

It’s quite incredible the impact that a 3D printer can have on the process of designing and developing products. While some of the benefits are simple to measure in terms of potentially reduced model costs, other benefits are more subjective but ultimately more compelling.

What would it mean to you / your organisation to be able to produce models in ABS plastic within a day? How much quicker will your products be developed if you are able to iterate the design on a daily or weekly basis? How much benefit would a functional prototype provide if were made from ABS plastic rather than card or clay?
Does being able to respond to your customer’s demands in less time and with more confidence add value to you / your customer?

These are some of the benefit areas that aren’t initially considered when considering the purchase of a 3D printer but are often the areas that have the greatest impact.

There’s no doubt that 3D printing will become even more cost effective in the future but it’s already affordable for many. Cheapest isn’t necessarily best though. It’s important to balance the cost of the printer with the quality of the parts it produces. How important are surface finish and part strength and what will the model be used for? Some printers produce models that can be used for real world testing as they are made from real end use materials such as ABS so they lend themselves to producing functional parts rather than just visualisation models.

The world of 3D printing is a fast moving and exciting place to be and it’s easier than ever to start reaping the benefits of this technology in your business.