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Production Engineers

We can help your manufacturing process run smoother

Dimension is a versatile tool that aids in the manufacturing process in several ways. It can create models to assist in tooling, like jigs and fixtures, models to assist in testing functionality, and you can even use a Dimension 3D Printer to create finished parts and products.

Made Of Durable ABS Plastic
ABS plastic is the most commonly used plastic in manufacturing today, used in cell phones, television sets, and the majority of car interiors. It won't warp or shrink. ABS models can be drilled, tapped and sanded, too.

Production EngineeringTough Enough For Working Parts
Dimension’s models are tough enough to be used as working parts — other 3D printers can’t do that. The higher level of precision of Dimension’s ABS prototypes means that pieces actually snap or fit together perfectly.

And ABS models produced on a Dimension 3D Printer are excellent masters for the vacuum forming process used extensively in the automotive, consumer product, aerospace and medical industries.

3D Print applications


Product Designers

Communicate designs clearly and explore options easily.

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Product Engineers

Test designs for form and function and catch flaws earlier.

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Produce designs in 3D with accuracy and confidentiality.

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Give students experience creating functional3D models.

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