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Product Designers

Dimension 3D printers take the ambiguity out of product designs

Communication is critical in the successful development of new consumer products and electronics. CAD files, prints and renderings can be misinterpreted by everyone from design engineers to marketing executives. Changes due to poor communication become exponentially more expensive with each step in the design process.

Present designs accurately and affordably

There's simply no substitute for the tactile and visual feedback a physical model can provide. Dimension 3D printers also allow you to experiment with new ideas and numerous design iterations - without extensive time or tooling expense.

Product Testing ModelTest Form, Fit And Function
Dimension printers create models of ABS plastic that are tough enough to be used as working parts -- other 3D printers can't do that. Pieces actually snap or fit together. Catching flaws early in the design process can save you thousands, if not millions of dollars.

Product Design MockupProduct Mockups Made Easy
Models can be made within hours and then sanded, painted, tapped and drilled, even chrome plated. And a Dimension 3D Printer ensures your designs remain inside your company, for greater protection of your intellectual property.

3D Print applications


Product Designers

Communicate designs clearly and explore options easily.

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Product Engineers

Test designs for form and function and catch flaws earlier.

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Produce designs in 3D with accuracy and confidentiality.

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Give students experience creating functional3D models.

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