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Product Cost Reduction

Product Cost ReductionsThere are many costs involved in developing a new product. Poor communication, extensive changes and missed deadlines increase costs exponentially throughout each step of the design and development.

A recent Wohlers Industry Report notes that a modest engineering change costing $100 in the concept phase could escalate to a staggering $1,000,000 when the product is in the field.

Dimension 3D Printers allow you to reduce those costs, with better communication, collaboration and design verification throughout the process – in fact, some of our customers have claimed that their Dimension 3D Printer paid for itself in its first project alone.

Cost Reduction Chart

Other applications


Product Designers

Communicate designs clearly and explore options easily.

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Product Engineers

Test designs for form and function and catch flaws earlier.

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Produce designs in 3D with accuracy and confidentiality.

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Give students experience creating functional3D models.

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