3 Dimension Printers



Bring your ideas to life in Three Dimensions

As a tool for visualizing and communicating your ideas, nothing compares to Dimension 3D Printers. There’s simply no substitute for the tactile and visual feedback a physical model can provide – and with Dimension, you can create both simple and complex models in real space and proportionately scaled.

Communicate And Collaborate Without Ambiguity
CAD files, prints and renderings can be misinterpreted by everyone from team members to clients. And changes due to poor communication become exponentially more expensive with each step in the design process. But physical models produced on a Dimension 3D Printer enable everyone to accurately review concepts. 3D printing even makes possible real-time collaboration between team members in separate locations.

ArchitectsCut Weeks Off Your Design Cycle
Outsourcing a model takes days or weeks. A Dimension Printer could create the same model in just hours. Dimension 3D printers also allow you to experiment with new concepts and numerous design iterations – without extensive time or building expense.

Better Protection For Your Intellectual Property
Security and intellectual property protection are essential for your business. Yet any time you send concepts or designs outside to a service provider, you increase the possibility of a security leak. A Dimension 3D Printer ensures that the concepts you’re considering remain secure inside your company.

3D Print applications


Product Designers

Communicate designs clearly and explore options easily.

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Product Engineers

Test designs for form and function and catch flaws earlier.

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Produce designs in 3D with accuracy and confidentiality.

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Give students experience creating functional3D models.

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