3 Dimension Printers


3D Print - So many applications, So many advantages

Proof of Concept

Proof of concept - With a Dimension 3D printer, you can explore multiple concepts quickly and affordably to review with everyone on the design team. more >>

Functional Testing

Functional testing - Dimension 3D printers enable you to test form, fit and function - and as many design iterations as you like, right from your desk top - with functional ABS parts. more >>

Cost Reduction

Product cost reductions - Studies show that catching design flaws early in the design process can save you thousands, if not millions of dollars. more >>

Product Confidentiality

Product confidentiality - Dimension 3D Printers generate functional models in-house giving your designs added security. more >>

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming - ABS models from a Dimension 3D Printer are widely used as masters for vacuum forming applications. more >>

Marketing Tools

Marketing tools - Models made on a Dimension 3D Printer are great marketing tools. Impress your prospects and clients with functional ABS models. more >>

Product Mockup

Product mockup - Product mockups allow you to see your product and catch design flaws before going into production, saving you time and money.
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Product Designers

Communicate designs clearly and explore options easily.

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Product Engineers

Test designs for form and function and catch flaws earlier.

Design Engineers >>
Production Engineers >>


Produce designs in 3D with accuracy and confidentiality.

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Give students experience creating functional3D models.

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